FoCoFuture Forum

“Do we want just to let growth happen, or do we want to shape it?”

UniverCity Connections is organizing a series of forums this spring to catalyze discussion about the future of Fort Collins character and housing attainability.

Each forum will start with several TED-style speakers to spark our thinking. We will then move into Open Space style small group discussion breakouts where you can talk with other interesting people about the topics YOU want to talk about within the theme areas. This is an opportunity for civil civic discourse.

Here are the themes and dates. We plan to start registration and refreshments at 4:30, followed by speakers at 5, then small group discussion breakouts from 6-8 pm.

You can attend one week or all four. Register for each session by clicking on the link after each of the key questions below.

  • Where did we come from and what do we know? (May 13, 2015 -Drake Centre)

    • What is the story of our place (natural/social history)
    • Demographics – who lives and works here now? How much are we going to grow, really?
    • Planning 101: land use, zoning, infrastructure, transportation

    Register for May 13

  • What do we want the story of our place to be? (May 27, 2015 – Drake Centre)

    • What is a truly healthy community?
    • A safe, friendly, inclusive community
    • What are we willing to give up for housing we can afford?

    Register for May 27

  • How can we all live and work here? (June 10, 2015 – Drake Centre)

    • Who will live and work here in the future?
    • Adequate housing opportunities for all incomes and demographics
    • Jobs to support a robust economy

    Register for June 10

  • How do we prepare for growth and change? (June 24, 2015 – Drake Centre)

    • Density and different types of housing
    • Public transit
    • How do we provide enough water?

    Register for June 24

Call for Speakers: We are looking for speakers who will stretch and inspire our thinking; instead of providing answers, we want them to spark questions and provide fodder for discussions. If you’re interested in being considered, please fill out our Speaker Form. If you know of someone who would excel in this capacity, please invite them to apply.

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