Transit and Mobility


“Getting there is as much fun as being there.”

Consider the great places of the world: you will usually find there are great modes of transportation adding to the charm and spirit of the place. Whether it is the rickshaws of Shanghai, the ferry boats of Seattle, or the streetcars of San Francisco, getting around can and should be half the fun.

The original mission of the UniverCity Transit and Mobility Task Group was to develop a plan for an integrated transportation system offering inviting and accessible choices for moving people among CSU, Downtown, and the River District.

The Renewing UCC Transit and Mobility Task Group added the specific focus of supporting the launch, success, and sustainability of the Mason Corridor to this mission.

Click here to read about the Mason Street Corridor area history and project snapshots from January 2007.

Two specific outcomes from the Transit and Mobility task group were inputs to the Mason Corridor and Wayfinding. The task group was also involved in the Downtown Alleyway Enhancement plan.

sun_cruz_sliderAnother initiative for this task group was the Downtown Bike Plan which resulted in the Bike Library.

Bike racks at MAX stops

Bike racks at MAX stops

A recent initiative of this task group was to design and install bike racks for the  MAX stations at Laurel, Olive, and Mountain.  Bike racks are critical to an integrated multi-modal vision for the MAX system.

The task group worked with an artist from CSU on the design, Distinctive Welding donated toward the fabrication, and Transfort arranged for installation.



The Transit and Mobility task group meets on the 2nd Tues of each month at the CSU Transit Center. The group is made up of interested citizens and representatives from CSU and the City of Fort Collins. It is known as a key group to go to for forward-thinking inputs on transportation-related initiatives being considered in Fort Collins. For more information about this task group, or to become involved, contact us!

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