Infill Development and Redevelopment


Infill and Redevelopment Task Group

The Mason UniverCity District is a dynamic area ripe for redevelopment. It is bordered by Cherry St. on the north, Prospect on the south, Remington on the east and Meldrum on the west.

The district and its multi-modal transportation focus models a robust and eco-friendly mix that supports residents, business, retail and entertainment. It is vibrant and draws people from throughout the community and University to come live, work and play.

It is a connector inviting exploration of the eclectic Mason UniverCity District as well as adjoining neighborhoods and nearby destinations. It is another of Fort Collins’ jewels.

Task Group Key Outcome

The key initiative from the Infill Development and Redevelopment task group was the creation of the Urban Lab.


An Urban Lab is an inclusive forum [space/place/studio] where a wide range of stakeholders (including community citizens, professionals, academics, and policy-makers) share their ideas, vision, talent, and expertise to collaboratively design, create, test, facilitate and implement urban planning and building projects (in this case, the vibrant and regenerative community infill and redevelopment of the Mason UniverCity District).

The Lab is envisioned to involve both master planning efforts within the Mason UniverCity District as well as serve as a place and resource for any property owner within the District looking to build, remodel, or otherwise improve their buildings and/or grounds. This initiative dovetails with the proposed 2014 opening of the MAX bus mass rapid transit system and will help facilitate key east-west connections with the Mason UniverCity District.

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