Enhancing the Downtown Experience

The Enhancing the Downtown Experience task group considered many wide ranging ideas to expand and enhance the downtown experience.

Beer with text

The  22 ideas considered during the initial meetings were divided into three categories: projects in progress; marketing and promotion projects; and bricks and mortar projects. Each idea was then evaluated on the probability of being realized and on their potential impact of enhancing and expanding the downtown experience.

The task group believed there are a number of great ideas and concepts that could help further enrich the downtown, but decided to limit its focus to the concept of a Brewery District.

There is a large concentration of breweries that exist in Fort Collins, and a brewery district would expand on the character of the existing brewing industry while highlighting the depth of the positive impacts it has on the UniverCity District.

A Brewery District would bring to light the unrecognized economic, educational, and environmental contributions the industry has made to the community while embracing the industry and culture that uniquely distinguishes Fort Collins from other cities around the country. This focus is critical in capturing and controlling the branding of the Brewery District.

The Brewery District will focus on the brewing industry’s successful accomplishments in energy conservation, environmental stewardship and educational cooperation, as well as recognizing the positive economic contributions to all the connecting businesses and organization in both the downtown and greater Fort Collins community.

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