Bike Culture

bike focoThe mission of the Bike Culture task group is to encourage and promote bicycling, improve bike safety and infrastructure, and advocate and influence the policy for a vital bicycle culture in Fort Collins.

Our broad goal is to make cycling more accessible to Fort Collins residents by reducing the barriers to entry, be they safety, economic, or social concerns.



Bike Safety:

bike lights 6

 We support the BPEC and FC Bikes mission to reduce the number of motor vehicle/bicycle crashes within our community. Our project specifically targets increasing the night-time visibility of bicycle riders within the 20-34 age group, as this age group has the highest number of actual and per capita crashes. The highest density bicycle crash locations will be targeted, a majority of which fall within or on the border of the UniverCity Connections district.

Our goal is to increase the number of bicycle riders that use both lights and reflectors during night time riding through distributions of headlights, taillights, and reflctive/lighting leg straps at popular retail locations around the CSU campus, and the College, Mountain, Laurel, W. Elizabeth, and Shields avenue corridors. Included with the distributions will be a BPEC/FC Bikes safety communication emphasizing the importance of night time visibility. Kits containing the lights, reflectors, and safety information will be packaged and distributed to the retailers by volunteers.

Velo Park:

velodrome_concept1Another goal is to conduct outreach to raise awareness around the value that building a VeloPark brings to the UCC community. The FC VeloPark Association, a registered 501(c) (3), is running a grassroots effort to build a bike park that people in the UCC area will both benefit from and support. By unifying the community around this vision, we believe the bike park will be better suited for all levels of cyclists – young, old, and those who have yet to ride a bike. The planned outreach effort is necessary to kickstart the process. We will do outreach with bicycle clubs and in the community.

You can follow developments of the VeloPark on the FCVA website

Bike Co-op:

framesThe Fort Collins Bike Co-op’s unique mission is to “build community through bicycling.” Specifically, the Co-op provides the shop space, tools, parts and mechanical expertise to keep our community riding, including those who can’t afford a bike. Receiving donated, found, and abandoned bikes is their lifeblood. The Co-op also help the police department’s process stolen bikes and are able to use many of the unclaimed bikes to support community programs. The Co-op refurbishes and makes safe, serviceable bikes and parts available to needy individuals and other non-profits. They use some as teaching projects and some are sold to help with our expenses. The bikes beyond repair or damaged from an accident are recycled for parts and raw materials. Very little reaches the landfills. They have just recently started a new chapter of Trips for Kids in Fort Collins. This program provides an opportunity for underprivileged youth to experience the local Natural Areas on mountain bikes as a healthy alternative.

The goal of the UniverCity Connections Task Group is to raise awareness of the Bike Co-op, and help them find a new location once the 331 N College building begins redevelopment.

For more information, please contact Bruce Henderson (FC Velo Park) or Tim Anderson (FC Bike Co-Op)

Visit the FC VeloPark website