Fort Collins bike surveys look for riders feedback for bike park, future trails

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    Fort Collins has a lot to offer cyclists, but one thing it is still lacking is a comprehensive bike park.

    There are a lot of different areas where riders can hone their skills, such as Corral Center Mountain Bike Park at Lory State Park, however many require users to pay or are on private land.

    The Fort Collins Velo Park Association, or FCVPA, is taking a preliminary step towards creating a local bike park, similar to Boulder’s Valmont Bike Park, by creating a survey asking cyclists what they want.

    FCVPA’s aim is to create a multifaceted VeloPark open to everyone that could include everything from BMX to criterion courses.

    Dan Porter, FCVPA committee member, said the survey, slated to run through March 1, is looking to see what Fort Collins residents want in a bike park. With around 350 hits thus far, Porter said the No. 1 thing people have voted for on the survey is a short track mountain online casino bike and cyclocross course.

    Based on the survey’s results, Porter said the committee will work to determine a location where the park may go. Ideally he said it would be centrally located and accessible by bike path.

    Porter also said the park could be divided into multiple locations with a BMX course in one area and a mountain bike course in a separate area.

    “Ultimately we are trying to gather as much information as we can so we can start applying for grants and getting rolling,” he said.

    To participate in the survey

    A separate survey that is also underway right now is the Overland Mountain Bike Club’s Trail Vision Plan Survey.

    The survey aimed at any trail user is trying to gauge interest in local trails to see what people want in the future.

    The aim is to help various land agencies such as Fort Collins, Larimer Country, Lory State Park and the Forest Service work together to advance the trail system, said Kory Swanson, communications director with the Overland Mountain Bike Club.

    Swanson didn’t know what the response has been to the survey, which is slated to run for another month.

    Based on the survey results, Swanson said they will make recommendations on what the trail network should look like moving forward to improve the trail systems.

    To take the survey visit