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FoCoFuture Forum – How do we prepare for growth and change?

    FoCoFuture Forum – June 24 Speakers Matt McRae “Walkability for a Sense of Place: Lessons from Eugene” Slides / Video Carlos Hernandez “Max BRT: 50 Shades of best online casino Green” Slides / Video Ryan Donovan “Alternatives to Buy and Dry” Slides (Prezi) / Video John Koval “Housing in the West: Addressing Market Realities” Slides /

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    FoCoFuture Forum – How can we all live and work here?

      June 10, 2015 FoCoFuture Forum, “How can we all live and work here?” Speakers Terri Blackmore “Colorado Growth Will Continue – Will We Be dgfev online casino Ready?” Slides / Video Clint Skutchan “The Future of Housing” Slides (Prezi) / Video Josh Birks “Managing Growth for a Robust Economy” Slides / Video Bryce Merrill “Making Music, a

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      FoCoFuture Forum – What do we want the story of our place to be?

        May 27, 2015 FoCoFuture Forum, “What do we want the story of our place to be?” Speakers Brian Dunbar “Healthy Thriving Communities”  Slides / Video Kristin Kirkpatrick “What online casino is a Truly Healthy Community?” Slides / Video Mike Thompson “Shaping our Communities through Maps”  Slides / Video Lou Bieker “What are we willing to give up?” 

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